Nanotech’s passion for technology, excellence and people gives their customers the best combination of expertise, experience and depth of services to make it the technology partner of choice. NISP brings you the very best in Smart Card solutions and the latest in programmable logic chip interfaces. We will strive to develop the very latest in smart card and IC technology to help you succeed in your applications.

The reasons why our customers prefer to work with us is because we provide 4 key advantages to them for their software engineering and solutions needs: increased speed to market, improved quality, managing uncertainty, and access to specialists. Nanotech Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd., (NISP) is an acknowledged leader in the field of smart card software and applications.

In the ultra security-conscious world of personal identity, financial applications and electronic payment, quality, security and reliability are paramount. With an impressive track record of developing solutions for national passport and identity schemes, local government citizen cards, electronic purse and high security financial applications for blue-chip card operators, NISP has the expertise and resources to develop the right solution for you.

Already tens of millions of people across the world are carrying identity document NISP or payment cards that rely on modern technology.

As a provider of industry leading software solutions for all types of smart cards, NISP can offer an exceptional range of custom and semi-custom, secure, convenient and flexible solutions to help its client NISP provide the highly reliable, feature rich and cost effective products that their customers demand.

Our engagement NISP are partnership and result focused, and our engagement models are purely based on the need of a particular assignment. We understand your business priorities, objectives, and then achieve those through a focused application of our core strengths. Our customers enjoy the following key measurable values that are delivered through our core strengths with partnership focus.


Our mission is to bring our customers the best technology at the lowest prices with the ease of use and reliability that is expected of a world class company. At NISP we believe that people are the key asset in any organization. Hence we aim to provide our customers a portfolio of information and knowledge management solutions that help enhance employee productivity and organizational agility. We will strive to be a long-term partner to our customers in their quest for business leadership through innovative, flexible and cost effective solutions.


Proven expertise: leader with an unequalled track record in creating secure personal devices.

Dynamic momentum: Ideally positioned to deliver end-to-end convergence and digital security solutions that are open and future proof.

Strong industry profile: References with blue-chip customers, strategic partnerships with industry leaders and financial robustness.

Proximity and customer centricity: Personalization capabilities enable us to deliver customized, world-class products to our customers' doorsteps.

Dedicated service and support: Significant human resources mean more skilled experts to support our customers.

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