Gateway 2000 Tip

Gateway 2000_Tip_Smart is a Time & Attendance System with a Biometric Finger Print Authentication Device , specifically designed to provide irrefutable personal verification . It is a standard , wall - mounted and self contained device with a Finger Print Scanner to enroll and verify users, store their Finger Records , keep transaction logs, and interface with computers. A RFID based Proximity Reader(EM or HID) or a Contactless Smart Card Reader(MIFARE or iClass) may be included. GATEWAY-2000 TIP provides enhanced security , superior speed and most importantly eliminates Buddy/Proxy Punching. Only authorized personnel are allowed access to the protected area or to Clock IN/OUT. All the exacting demands of the Time Office are packed into this product which has a microcontroller based as its heart , having the capacity to cater to large organisations and high security premises.
The users have to Enroll their Fingerprints. 2 fingers of each user can be enrolled. With a verification of user through Fingerprint Scan, Employee IN & OUT times are stored as Soft Data which are then uploaded to a PC for Time Office related reports and Payroll Generation thus automating the Time Office. This reduces the manual drudgery of Data Entry, Register maintenance and monthly requirement of Punch Cards for conventional Time Clocks to a minimum. 

Gateway  2000-Tip-Smart : Finger Match-on-Card:

Gateway 2000_Tip_Smart  is the Complete Attendance System taking advantage of Finger Identification technology and Smart Card technology. With a built in Contactless Smart Card Reader & Biometric Fingerprint Reader, the system implements MATCH-ON-CARD  functionality which results in :

No Proxy/Buddy Punching 
Unlimited Users Per System
Employee Verification not limited  by Geography 
No fear of losing finger data in event of hardware failure
Secured  Smart card for data integrity
Built-in Finger Enrolment Feature without additional Hardware

Gateway  2000-Tip : Identification 1:N

Gateway 2000_Tip is a standalone Attendance/Access Control system using fingerprint Identification(1:N) technology. Upto 4000 fingers/2000 Users can be enrolled on the Gateway 2000_Tip with built-in finger enrolment  feature. Enrolled fingerprints can be transferred to other terminals in the RS485 or Ethernet network via  Data Download PC. Attendance transaction is logged based on finger Identification . 
Gateway 2000_Tip can optionally be used along with a built in Proximity Card Reader for Double Authentication ( 1: 1) . With a Proximity Reader, Finger Print Module and KeyPad , it gives the operator a choice of access modes in any combination of Card, Fingerprint and PIN entries.

Fingertip enrollment  using Gateway 2000_Tip_Smart (on Smart Card)/Gateway 2000_Tip(in built-in memory)  terminal is done    once.
User puts his finger on fingerprint reader. The Smart card is shown on the card reader, only in case of Gateway 2000_Tip_Smart.
The terminal compares live finger with the finger  stored on Smart card/built-in memory and then stores Attendance data only     upon MATCH. 
The data stored in The Attendance terminal  is then downloaded by Compro 2000, a Windows based Configuration software. 
Compro 2000 can connect to Gateway 2000_Tip  thru  RS232C/RS485/Ethernet/WiFi or modem.
User friendly Reports can be generated by TimePro Enterprise , a high end Attendance Analysis software which takes the data      collected by Compro2000  as input(optional)

Gateway 2000_Tip_Smart  Features

Match-on-Card Technology with Individual Security   level, Stand alone offline operation  
User carries finger on Card, Suitable for large Organization,    Employees can give their attendance at any place of choice
Support for ISO  14443A contactless 1K/4K Mifare Smart Card, 50 mm read range
Stores  two  fingerprint on a Mifare 1K/4K Card using only  12 sectors (256 byte minutiae per finger)
Flexible storage of Finger on Card, enables use of  existing cards containing  legacy  data
Unique Personal Keys,  protects against unauthorized  re-enrollment of cards 
Optical Fingerprint scanner, 500 DPI resolution Scratch, Dust resistant
32 bit High Speed Digital Signal Processor based Minutiae extraction
One touch Verification/Identification Mode with Transaction time  < 1.5 Sec (including card read)
LCD  displays  Employee Name, and  Allowed message upon authentication (with Date & Time)
25000 Attendance transaction storage with battery back-up for 10 years
Optional : Additional Exit Smart Card Reader/Exit Switch, Lock output for Access Control
Built in Power Supply with Battery back up for 8 hours in event of Power Failure

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