OZone Bio

Identity verification for Attendance & Access Control application in an enterprise is made fast & easy for busy entry/exit station using Finger Print based biometric System, O-zone Bio offers economic solution for definitive & secure processing of finger print for attendance in any organisation. The data is downloaded in online / offline mode to a PC for Time Office related Reports and data required for payroll. The self directive user interface, to assist subject , O-zone Bio is a trendy ABS molded and rugged DIY (do-it-yourself) product.

Fortuna uses FVC award winning sensor which is robust & effective for extreme finger condition such as, dry & wet finger. The finger templates are ISO 19794-2 standard for interoperability.

O-zone Bio can be connected to a door lock/turnstile which is opened only on finger punching, deterring proxy and barring 
unwanted visitors. A Slave Reader or a Switch for Exit may also be interfaced. It is provided with a suitable termination board for easy connection & installation.

With vast experience in the field & feature-rich product, Fortuna ensures successful implementation of the system in mission critical employee centric initiative. With more then 1 million people recording attendance across Globe, our technical team has been instrumental in implementation in the most challenging sites.


● Push Data Technology to Server over LAN or Internet using Broad Band/GPRS(additional hardware required)
● Auto Updation of Finger Template to accommodate changes with season.
● Configurable Number of Fingers per user : 2/3/4. 
● Web Server Interface for easy & self configuration 
● LAN/PoE*/WiFi*/GPRS* based data transfer to Server
● Logical, Unconventional design for high usability & Graphic LCD for better visibility with Name display.
● Choice of Built-in card Readers* (Prox or Smart) for 1:1 matching & “Finger on card” implementation (using Smart Card).
● Individual Mode of operation, e.g. Finger only, Card only, Card +Finger etc.

Specification / Technical Data

  • CPU => High Performance 32 Bit ARM Core CPU
  • Memory => 90,000 Transaction Storage (upgradable)
  • Keyboard => 4X4 Membrane Keyboard
  • Display => 128 X 64 Pixel Graphic Backlit LCD
  • Power => Wide Range SMPS Adaptor (90-260V AC)
  • Finger Print Sensor => Optical(16 X 19 mm) @500 DPI (280 X 320)
  • Sensor Surface => Scratch Proof, effective for dry & wet Finger
  • Algorithm => Minutiea Extraction (FVC2006 Award winning)
  • Template => 6400 Template / 3200 users
  • Allowable Finger rotation => + / - 90 Degrees
  • Identification Time < 1 Second(Typical) for 2000 Fingers
  • Slave Reader I/F => Smart/Proximity as OUT Reader
  • Relay Output => 12V Wet / Potential Free Contact O/P (2 Nos)
  • Pen drive Interface => upto 4GB for Transaction/Template Data
  • UPS => Operational Back-up (Optional)
  • Dimension => 200(H) X 110(W) X 50(D) mm
  • Temperature => 0 C to 55 C
  • Humidity => Upto 98% RH(Non-condensing)

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