Checkmate XP is the Next Generation Multi-door Cost effective Access Controller ideally suited where high level security is imperative along with distributed control.  .It manages upto 16 Proximity/Smart Card /Biometric Reader (Weigand Compatible) installed at various doors in an organization.  The low cost, small, attractively packaged front end Readers are connected to the Controller in a Star Connection and the Lock release output is driven from the Controller itself. Hence no intelligent hardware is required at the door end.

Checkmate XP provides a field configurable intelligent firmware engine for taking care of any organization?s access control requirement .The controller can be configured using a front end Software, COMPRO XP. Once the Checkmate XP is configured, all the Access decisions are taken by the controller making it truly a standalone system, independent of PC. It can be used in on-line mode for larger PC Controlled Building Management System. Multiple  Checkmate XP?s can be networked on a RS485 bus or on a Ethernet Network with suitable hardware for larger application.

Card Reader Technology:One of the following type of card Reader may be used as front end user interface for Access Control :

        MicroTIP : Finger Print Reader 
        Finger Print Reader works on Biometric Technology. Upto 2 fingers can be enrolled. The Finger Print Reader is used as front         end reader at the door. Upon placing the finger, if the user is enrolled, the ID Number against the finger is identified & the         reader transmits the ID code for access validation to Checkmate XL. If the card holder is found valid, then the Access is         granted.

        MicroSMART : Contact less Smart Card Reader :
        Contact less Smart card Reader works on 13.56 MHz RF based on MIFARE  technology. It is useful where Multi-        application for employee card is envisaged. MicroSMART, compliant to ISO 14443 Protocol, can be used (Read Range 3?).         HID iClass Readers may also be used.

        MicroPROX : Proximity Card Reader(RF ID) : 
        Proximity Reader is based on 125 KHz  RF technology and reads the Proximity cards on show within read range .The Entry         level MicroPROX reader has a read range of  3?. HID Prox Point Reader may also be used.

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