Embedded facial recognition system
Adopts US advanced DSP technology, keeps processing
and matching right on the device
Standalone application as Time attendance, Access
control, Identity management
Accurate and Fast Identification
Industrial leading "Dual Sensor"
Facial Recognition Algorithm FAR
1: Many upto 1000 users approx 1 second
Large user and Log capacity
User capacity: Face up to 1000 for 1:N matching
Over 150,000 logs and security image
User friendly design
3.5 inch color screen for face positioning
Contactless authentication for the ultimate
in hygienic system
Voice prompt
Flexible interfaces and Data Management
Standard TCP/IP and USB Host
Built in relay
Wiegand output makes system compatible with
different access control panel
User self-inquiry,Date Auto-uploading to defined
Reliable performance under different enviroments
Different source - light Technology
The system can work in different light condition
even in the Low light condition
Other Functionalities
Multi authentication methods Facial, RFID Cards,
Cards + Facial
Low power comsumption, 12 Watts in operation,
less than 5 Watts resting mode
High Usabilitv and Security
Failure to enroll and acquire rate is less than 0.0001%, everyone can use this technology
Incident trackable for security with photo
More data points matched than fingerprint enable more accurate

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