WM 5000 P5

1. With military standard component, super rugged and totally waterproof.
2. Capacitive touch sense key, not easy to damage.
3. Adopt GPS location and RFID tag reading technology, both working well
4. Adopt GSM/GPRS wireless remote transmission technology, realizing the
real-time tracking management.
5. This solution mainly developed for guard patrol field, more professional.
6. This solution adopts GIS electronic map technology, with strong functions,
like dynamic display and playback guards patrol route.
Technical Data:
1. Location accuracy: 10m
2. Cold Start: 33s; Warm Start: 1s
3. RFID tag reading distance: 4cm(round tag) and 3.5cm
(cylinder glass tag)
4. Working Voltage: 3.3V
5. Battery: 2000mAh3.7V polymer cell
6. Working hours: 30 hours(default as 10s interval to send patrol message
7. Communication: USB/GSM/GPRS
8. Working temperature:-45deg to +85deg
9. Relative humidity: 25% to85%
10. Dimension: 102mm*63mm*26mm
11. Weight: 142g
12. Communication cable adopts standard USB port.
13. Standard: YD/T1019 IEC61156 ?ANSI/EIA/TIA-568
14. Outstanding feature: High-speed transmission, continuous insulation,
consistency, with high anti-electromagnetic interference, thus to largely
reduce the error rate of transmission signal
15. Lag: 5.02ns/m
16. Impedance: 107-11Ohm
17. Return loss: 26.0dB

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