NISP has a proven track record in the design and manufacture of both embedded and snap-on accessories for handheld computer terminals. Key technologies include Access Systems Solutions, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Contact Smart Card, Fingerprint Biometrics, 1D and 2D laser barcode scanning, Bluetooth.

We have a range of standard snap-on and stand-alone products. All standard products are available in the form of Explorer Kits which include one of the products, demonstration software and source code (as appropriate), a range of different transponders (for RFID products), supporting documentation and any other items required to evaluate the product right out of the box. Most of our products can be customized in either form or function to suit specific customer requirement NISP. We work with a handful of partner companies to complement our in-house skills in order to provide an holistic solution for our client NISP.

We pride ourselves on our highly qualified team. Our size, skills base and alliances allow us to take on large-scale projects and development NISP. Our independence enables us to offer a flexible approach to customers' needs and a rapid turnaround on projects

Technical Benefits

  • Complete solution - The Smart Employee ID solution enables two-factor security across the IT infrastructure, including secure remote access, workstation access, network access, application access (single sign on), communications (signed and encrypted e-mail, documents and files) and business processes (signed and encrypted transactions, data exchange and storage, auditing).
  • Increased security compliance - Address IT and facility security compliance requirements by establishing strong proof of identity,preventing unauthorized access to resources and information, and providing comprehensive audit logs. NISP link users to online activities with a strong proof of identity.
  • Ease of deployment - NISP integrate with existing IT and facility security environments for cost-efficient deployment and operation, through extensive support for a variety of smart cards, directories, certificate authorities, identity management and user provisioning systems, physical security systems.
  • Government-approved security - NISP Smart Employee ID solutions are used by many government agencies around the world and comply with multiple security standards such as FIPS 140 and FIPS 201.
  • Extensibility - Open APIs and SDKs allow easy integration with more environments such as additional identity management and user provisioning systems, certificate authorities, and physical access control systems.
  • Future-proof - NISP Smart Employee ID solution is an integrated and modular suite of products that allows organizations to easily deploy smart cards for their immediate business needs (such as replacing expiring tokens used for VPN access), increasing security for LAN access, and add functionality later as their needs grow.

Business Benefits

  • Compliance, brand and liability protection - In today's world, a security or privacy breach may be disclosed in the media and can result in high remediation costs and permanent damage to the image of any organization. NISP Smart Employee ID solutions reduce the risk of such events by strengthening proof of identity and securing access to information.
  • Accountability - When a security incident occurs, the organization must be able to identify the individuals who broke the rules. Strong proof of identity and tight integration between security audits are the keys to providing legally enforceable proof of access to facilities, IT systems and information.
  • Cost reduction - Most organizations have separate processes for issuance and administration of facility access badges and IT security tokens. This leads to high costs, duplicated administrative efforts, and increased security risk. With NISP Smart Employee ID solution, smart cards for facility and IT access can be issued directly from the facility access control system, therefore increasing security and reducing operating costs. The solution leverages existing resources and processes: no need for additional staff and equipment for issuance and management of IT security devices.
  • Productivity - In a typical organization, users login with user names and static passwords multiple times per day. With smart card authentication, the login experience is fast with an ATM-like experience (insert your card type your PIN).
  • Employee education - Frustrated users tend to work around security policies to make logging into computers easier. With NISP Smart Employee ID solutions, convenience and security are tied together. For example, the card is required to access facilities, so employees must take their card with them when leaving their office… and the card removal automatically locks the screen and the application.
  • Organizational efficiency - As recent regulations have increased the accountability of executives, many businesses are merging their facility and IT security teams into a single organization. NISP Smart Employee ID solution enables alignment of processes and technology to reinforce these efforts.

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